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 Success rate explained

The success rate varies greatly, depending on the approach and methods used and the skills and training of the hypnotist. The success rate can range from as low as 20%* to as high as 90%+. 

The best attitude to have when considering hypnosis is to be open-minded and have an optimistic outlook. The human mind is incredibly complex, and hypnosis results will vary. One way to stack the odds in your favour is to hire a hypnotherapist who is skilled at creating a custom hypnosis script based on your unique issue and mindset. 

To ensure the best possible outcome, a customized approach is always best. Our success rate is unusually high (90%) in large part because we take the time to tailor the program to you.
Diverse Methods Used
In this section, we inform you of the many approaches that hypnotists use, so that it may help you in choosing the hypnotist that is right for you.

 Hypnosis Recordings

Personal Recordings
: When you experience a live and interactive hypnosis session with a hypnotist (in-person/online/phone), the trust and rapport have been anchored consciously and subconsciously in your mind. Once this real-life trust and confidence are embedded in your psyche, any hypnosis recordings made in the voice of the hypnotist that you experienced live, will be highly effective.

When your subconscious mind listens to the recording, it recognizes the voice and accesses the real-life memories of your live and interactive hypnosis sessions. It will, by default, bring the audio to life. It’s as if the hypnotist is there with you now. Personal recordings of this nature are considered equally potent to a live session.

Impersonal Recordings: A stand-alone hypnosis recording from a total stranger that you have never interacted with before, lacks the deeply rooted trust and real-life live hypnosis memories to make the recording effective. Without the foundation of a live and interactive hypnosis session (in-person/online/phone), such recordings are ineffectual or marginal at best. Save your money.

Group Hypnosis

Group hypnosis is impersonal. It lacks the personal trust and rapport of personal contact. Personal trust and rapport are critical for hypnosis to succeed. Being in a room full of people is distracting both consciously and unconsciously. There is a lot of unconscious emotional transference that takes place between individuals that will muddy the waters. 

The success rate for group hypnosis is estimated to be less than 10%. Hypnotists who use this method do so because of greed. Group hypnosis is highly profitable and unethical. It may cost you less than a one-on-one hypnosis session, but the results are abysmal. Save your money.

One-On-One Hypnosis

Generic Approach 

Most hypnotists are generalists. They work with a broad spectrum of client issues (nail-biting, fear of heights etc.). Having pre-made, off-the-shelf hypnosis scripts makes it easier for the generalist to do his/her job. These scripts work, but only to a degree. 

These off-the-shelf scripts are a one-size-fits-all approach that will not work with your unique set of circumstances and challenges. Conclusion: The success rate is higher than group hypnosis. Less successful than custom-tailored hypnosis. 

Custom-Tailored Approach  

A custom-tailored approach requires an in-depth assessment of the client through a personal interview and questionnaire. Much like an actor's script, where every word is carefully chosen and must be said with precision and with the right emphasis, so too is a hypnotist script very precisely calibrated with specialized hypnotic language to achieve optimal results. 

Most hypnotists use generic scripts. Few have specialized training in hypnosis script writing. Conclusion: A custom-tailored approach works better than a generic off the shelf approach.   

One-Session Programs 

In a one-session program, there is very little time for trust and rapport building essential for hypnosis success. There is no time for customizing the session for you. Typically, a one-session approach uses generic, off-the-shelf hypnosis scripts. There is no follow up or support. Conclusion: A one-shot deal. A hit or miss. Save your money.  

Multi-Session Programs 

There is time to establish the trust and rapport necessary for improving the odds of success. There is follow up and support. Multi-session programs tend to have more content, structure and in some cases multiple approaches. Conclusion: Multi-session programs are much better than one-session programs. Most multi-session hypnotists use generic off-the-shelf scripts.  If results are important to you, you'll want to choose a hypnotist who custom tailors to your specific needs and conditions.   

Basic & Advanced Hypnosis

Direct Suggestion Hypnosis (D.S.H) is the foundational training for all hypnotists. Direct suggestion hypnosis is useful when you are in a deep hypnotic trance and where there are no major contrary beliefs or secondary gains.  As the name implies, it uses direct language such as: “You are now a non-smoker.”  

Secondary benefits are hidden unconscious motivations that keep you stuck and unable to change. Direct suggestion hypnosis can resolve secondary benefits, only if the client & hypnotist are aware of them. Otherwise, more advanced hypnosis skills are required. D.S.H. is considered a basic skill. 

Indirect Suggestion Hypnosis (I.S.H.), also known as Ericksonian Hypnosis, is considered an advanced form of hypnosis. It uses specific language patterns that communicate directly to the unconscious mind regardless if you are in a traditional induced trance or not. This method is especially useful if the individual has secondary gains or unconscious resistance that neither the client or hypnotist are aware of.  ** Only a minority of hypnotists are trained in I.S.H.. 

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (N.L.P.) is also an advanced form of hypnosis. It’s a specialized, codified and templated form of Indirect Suggestion Hypnosis. NLP is the shorthand or short cut to many of the indirect suggestion hypnosis language patterns.  ***Only a minority of hypnotists are trained in N.L.P. 

Mike Proulx, is a certified practitioner of: Direct Suggestion Hypnosis (D.S.H.), Indirect Suggestion Hypnosis (I.S.H.) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (N.L.P.). 

Our Half Price Offer Explained
The average cost for hypnosis services in Ontario is $150 per hour. Some hypnotherapists charge as much as $300 per hour. The marketplace offers Hypnosis packages that range from a single stand-alone one-hour session** to as much as $1,200 or more for a multi-session package. 

** Single, stand-alone one-hour sessions may be cheap, but they have a history of inferior results - there is no customizing & no follow-up & no accountability. If results are important to you, you'll want to read my section above titled: Diverse Methods. 

A word of advice. Shopping on price alone is generally a big mistake. One needs to look at the totality of what is being offered. Price shopping works well when comparing identical physical products (example: Campbell's Tomato Soup). It doesn’t work so well when comparing vastly different services, such as hypnotherapy. 

Not all hypnotists are created equal. The diversity in training, years of in-the-field experience, and overall effectiveness varies greatly. For example, a hypnotherapist may have formal education in psychology. They may even have a PhD. Still, if they do not have extensive experience with hypnosis and advanced forms of hypnosis (most don't), this leaves your desired success in question. 

Price alone is not a good indicator of quality and effectiveness. Deciding on price alone is shallow thinking. 

The more you know about our program, the more confident you will be about investing your time and money with us.

Our Specialized 3-session Program*
* While most programs are 3 sessions in length, please note some  require more than 3 sessions and they are priced accordingly.
The price means absolutely nothing unless you know the value of what you are getting. To appreciate the substantial value you are getting from this half price investment, you'll want to get the facts and benefits about our program first. Our specialized 3-Session Program: click here
To qualify for the Half Price offer, you must attend all 3 sessions within 30 days. The discounted amount of $545 is due in full at your first session. We accept all major credit cards.
***Additional discount of $45 when you pay cash ($545 less $45 = $500 all inclusive). Receipts available upon request.  Please note: cash discount is only available for physical in-person sessions only - not available for online Zoom or phone sessions.
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