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Since 2008, Mike specialized in smoking cessation hypnosis with an astonishing 90% success rate. A feat seldom accomplished by seasoned hypnotherapists. Inspired by their success, some clients would ask: Now that you've solved this habit/addiction that I've had for many years, can you also help me with (this) issue? 

Over the years, satisfied smoking cessation clients would return to work on other aspects of their lives and enjoyed successes there, too. While most clients felt comfortable giving testimonials about their success in quitting smoking, they were less comfortable sharing testimonials on more personal and very private issues that needed to be resolved.  

Therefore, very few clients volunteered to give testimonials even if their real names were omitted. Given this reality, Mike stopped asking for testimonials on issues other than smoking cessation. 

Now that Mike is launching this full-service hypnosis, more effort will be given to collect testimonials despite of the natural resistance by clients. In the interim, know that there is a lot of scientific evidence for the effectiveness of hypnosis. 

Integrity is at the heart of Mike's passion for service. Creating fictitious testimonials is, unfortunately, rampant in today's highly competitive marketplace. I invite you to look at the testimonials from our smoking cessation clients and notice the original writing styles of each as evidence that these are authentic testimonials. 

In closing, if Mike can solve addictions that have plagued individuals for years and decades, Mike's professionalism and dedication to success can be applied to just about any issue you may be considering hypnosis for.  For a sense of Mike's incredible achievements (smoking cessation), you can view client testimonials here: click here
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Mike uses only the most advanced forms of hypnosis. All sessions are custom-tailored to your specific needs. For details on the advanced methods used and why it matters...
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