Preparing your mind for positive change. 

Duration: 23 minutes. 

Please listen to this recording with headphones only!  Specific brain entrainment sounds are being directed exclusively to the left ear and others to the right.  Make sure your headphones are on properly.  There should be markings on the ear portion of the headset indicating the left and right speakers.

This copyrighted recording is a reinforcement hypnosis to a live and interactive session that you had with Mike Proulx. Embedded in that live session, were subliminal, post-hypnotic messages, specifically formulated to make the content of this recording, penetrate deep into your subconscious mind for maximum effect. In other words, if you did not experience a live and interactive session, this recording will be of little use to you. This recording will only be effective if you have had a live and interactive session FIRST. (Live & Interactive includes: in-person, by phone or video conferencing)

There is a right way and a wrong way to listen to hypnosis. Please read the detailed guide here.

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