Mike Proulx. Cht., Nlpp., Ishp. - Hypnotherapist

Below is a partial list of the areas we can assist you with.
public speaking
weight loss
stop smoking
incessant worry
chronic stress 
fear of heights
memory issues
exam anxiety
sports performance
sales effectiveness
writer's block
problem solving
time management
accelerated learning
driving confidence
self confidence
self esteem
healthy diet motivation
fitness motivation
better sleep
more energy
creativity / innovation
financial prosperity
business effectiveness
the list is endless...
A Personal Message 
from Mike Proulx
Let’s be clear here. I'm not a Social Worker, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, or Psychotherapist.

If you have a mental illness and are seeking help, I encourage you to contact a licensed mental health practitioner. 

So, if I'm not a licensed mental health practitioner, then what am I? And how can I help you move forward on your specific life issues?

I'm a highly trained and experienced Professional Hypnotist (certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists) specializing in Personal Development Hypnosis (P.D.H.). 

My expertise is in leveraging your subconscious mind to save you time and effort in achieving your life goals, whatever they may be. 

I focus on helping everyday people just like you, discover more of their inner resources to get more out of life. My philosophy is straightforward. You are not broken. You're in a perpetual state of evolution. You're a work in progress. 

Think about it. There was a time as a child when you could not even tie your shoelaces. Were you broken, dysfunctional, or mentally ill? Of course not. You were temporarily unresourceful (unskilled) until someone taught you how to tie your shoelaces. 

My passion as a personal development hypnotist is to teach you and help you discover more of your inner resources in order to move forward on your daily evolution with greater ease and expanded awareness.
Credentials & Bio
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We all desire more out of life. Yet many of us have goals and aspirations that are too slow to materialize. As a result, we often get stressed and frustrated at the slow pace of change. 

At Stress Less Live Well ™, we can assist you in leveraging the enormous power of your subconscious mind to speed up the process of change so that you can enjoy more of what life has to offer much sooner!

What areas of your life are you looking to improve, overcome or achieve? 

Many life issues can be fully resolved or significantly improved with our custom-tailored hypnotherapy sessions. 

Just imagine the possibilities!
  Here is an easy exercise for you. 
Take out a sheet of paper and answer the following questions.
What is my challenge/issue?

What is the ideal outcome that I am looking for?

How will achieving this, impact my life?
(Home? Work? Relationships? Health? Finances? Happiness?)
Imagine that you finally broke through this challenge/issue and it's very real right now! Make believe. Go ahead - just pretend! Daydream a little. You've done it! You've made it happen! Immerse yourself fully in this imagined reality. What feelings are coming up? Do you feel relief? Joy? A deep sense of accomplishment? A renewed sense of optimism? 

Having a clear, meaningful vision of what you want is your starting point.  The next step, is all about how to achieve your desires in the least amount of time. And leveraging the enormous resources of your subconscious mind is how you do that!

It's all about time! 

For weeks, months, perhaps even years or decades, you have been struggling with this issue.  Isn't high time for you to move forward and experience a breakthrough? This is your time to shine! And for that to happen, you've got to have the courage to explore something new, something truly empowering - like Hypnosis!

 New to hypnosis? 
You're not alone!

If you feel uneasy about hypnosis, you'll be happy to know that your discomfort is largely based on your very limited knowledge of it. And most of what you do know comes from the portrayals of hypnosis in the media and entertainment industries. They have contributed to a wide range of misunderstanding of the true nature of hypnosis. 

It is the tendency of the media to sensationalize (for ratings) to such an extent that finding the kernel of truth in their broadcasts can be a challenge. What most people know about hypnosis is factually incorrect.

Empower yourself with facts!

The key to feeling comfortable, confident and excited about what hypnosis can do for you, is to take the time to get the facts. We encourage you to explore this entire website and as you do, your new found knowledge will inspire you to move forward with confidence and positive expectation. You may want to start with: what is hypnosis 

We've helped people 
from all walks of life!

Over the past 13+ years, your Hypnotherapist, Mike Proulx, has helped many hundreds of individuals from all walks of life accelerate positive changes in their lives. From corporate executives, athletes, artists, carpenters, salespeople, entrepreneurs, students, stay-at-home moms, politicians, doctors, office clerks and everything in between. You'll be in good company.
The definition of insanity
"Keep doing the same things over and over again, while expecting a different result"
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