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Good News on Cost!
To assist the greatest number of individuals during this pandemic, we've slashed our prices.  Below is a graph showing our regular rates and the new reduced rate. (US dollars)

Step by step guide to get started
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B-  You'll receive notification that you paid.
C-  Receive a link to a web page containing the following:
1)  Our private email address - for clients only.
2)  Questionnaire/assessment form to complete & submit.
3)  Your scheduling options
4)  Instructions for your live video conferences / phone sessions.
5)  Helpful tips on how to prepare for your LIVE hypnosis sessions.

*** We use ZOOM video conferencing. This is a super-easy platform to use.  Even Grandma & Grandpa use it, with ease and pleasure. 

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Your hypnotist is Mike M. Proulx. Your credit card or PayPal receipt will show a payment made to Mike M. Proulx. Please make a note of this for when you review your credit card statement. Payment is NOT made to Stress Less Live Well. 

To qualify for this very low rate, both sessions must be completed within 30 days.  

Please note: The moment you purchase, you'll instantly receive exclusive proprietary digital information valued @ $100 USD, this digital information cannot be returned. Any refunds will reflect this reality. 

Live services that have been delivered / performed are not refundable. Cancellations are extremely rare and are handled on a case by case basis.  If you are sincere in your desire to use our services, please make sure you are fully committed to this program before you buy.

The overwhelming majority of clients are motivated and committed just like you.  We look forward to serving you well.

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We are eager for your business. 

Up until very recently, our hypnosis clinic operated locally, and with a minimal online presence. We are actively transitioning to ONLINE-ONLY services.  

Official ONLINE Launch Date
Monday, August 3rd, 2020.

Thank you for your patience.
And please do come back!

Kind regards,
Mike M. Proulx
Certified Hypnotist

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